Sessions for oral presentations will be scheduled in a panel of four or five participants, who will have about 15 minutes for their presentation. Oral presentations are to be made either using your laptop or the PC that will be available in the session room. Please come to the session room 10 minutes before the session starts to upload your presentation to the PC or to set up your laptop connection and, you will be kindly required to accept the indications of the session chairman concerning time limitations. Usually, some time will be allowed at the end of each presentation for 2 or 3 questions.


The CUDES  scientific and organization committee encourages active and in-person participation in the conference. Nevertheless, researchers who are unable to attend the conference in person due to funding issues concerning travel expenses may participate with a virtual presentation. Those who would like to make their virtual presentations  (video or voice added PowerPoint presentation) from their home countries/cities will also be awarded a certificate and their papers will be considered for publications similar to other participants as if they were present physically. They will receive their Participation of Certificate after CUDES  congress by post.  Following, some information about virtual presentations is clarified:

Following, some information about virtual presentations is clarified:

  1. Acceptance of submission for virtual presentations is based on the same criteria as attending participants.
  2. Authors who would like to make virtual presentations must select and fill the virtual presentation in the Abstract Submission Form and Registration Form.
  3. Virtual presentations will be accompanied by a discounted registration fee (See Registration Fees).
  4. The number of virtual presentations is limited.
  5. Those who would like to make use of the Virtual Presentation facility will be requested to send their virtual materials such as PowerPoint presentations or videos to the secretariat by virtualcudes@gmail.com 10 days before the congress starting.
  6. Each and every virtual presentation will be associated with an electronic forum through which the participants may e-interact with the researchers and authors during the congress. The researchers who receive such feedback, questions, suggestions, or opinions will be expected to contribute in a similar way by providing answers to questions and replying to any feedback given by the participants of the congress. Therefore, virtual presentation participants should be available by phone, zoom during the panel hours of which their presentations will take place.

Download Zoom software from http://www.zoom.us  and you can find the zoom meeting ID numbers and passwords on the main page of the congress 3 days ago.  However please do not forget to send your video presentation or voice added PowerPoint presentation to the congress secretariat at virtualcudes@gmail.com 10 days before the congress starting day.