All accepted abstracts and FULL PAPERS (Max.7 PAGES, SUBMITTING NOT OBLIGATORY) will be published as an  e-book (With ISBN and Editor) before the congress in English. The deadline for proceeding book is 20th of May 2020. Please send to by PROCEEDINGS titled.

Sending full paper is not obligatory. Full papers can be written in Turkish or English.

All full papers after referees process will be published in edited international books by IJOPEC Publication or/and in Turkish Studies Journal (in 2 months after the congress), CUDES Journal ( till the end of June 2020  according to editor’s decision..

For Turkish Studies Journal:

Turkish Studies Journal / Cudes Journal will publish 40 congress papers in special volume or July-August 2020 volume for CUDES Congress. You have to select your publication choice in the registration form. Blind referees process will be completed and journals will be published before 30th of August 2020. Please see the web page at / www.cudesjournal.comfor using the journals writing rules.

For IJOPEC Books:

Full texts in Turkish will be printed in Turkish, and full texts in English will be printed separately in English books. In the areas that are not sufficiently full text will be published as  titled Current Debates in Social Sciences / Current Issues in Social Sciences.

Articles must be written in English or Turkish and proofread before submission. All articles submitted should be in accordance with the main guidelines of IJOPEC Publication.  The authors should follow the submission guidelines of the IJOPEC, which can be found on the IJOPEC’ web pages of CUDES.

The deadline to submit your manuscript for Edited International e-Book is 1st of July 2020.  Not obligatory.

Abstracts should be submitted at and manuscripts sent to