The first International Congress on Current Debates in Social Sciences (CUDES) has been organized by Farhang Morady from the University of Westminster (United Kingdom) under the collaboration of Kocaeli University (Turkey) and Silesian University in Opava  (Czech Republic) on 2010, in London. After the conference, the book titled “Globalisation, Religion & Development” was published by the IJOPEC. The second CUDES was held in Karvina Czech Republic in 2011 whereas, the third one held in Kocaeli at Kocaeli University, under the theme of Research Methods in Social Sciences as a workshop format. While the fourth and the fifth CUDES  have been organized at Kocaeli University with the objective of offering new perspectives on current debates in social sciences, the organization has been further enriched with the participation of the University of Belgrade (Serbia) in the sixth and the seventh congresses. The eight CUDES 2018 September has been jointly organized by the University of Westminster (United Kingdom), Altınbaş University (Turkey), VUZF University (Bulgaria), University of Belgrade (Serbia), and in the 9th congress in May 2019 at Nicosia / Lefkoşa, Batman University (Turkey) and Near East University (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) joined the organization. 11th CUDES Congress is hosted by Sakarya University (Turkey) and organized in collaboration with Altınbaş University (Turkey), VUZF University (Bulgaria), Kırklareli University (Turkey), University of Belgrade (Serbia), Batman University (Turkey)  and supported by University of Westminster (United Kingdom) and IJOPEC Publication (London).

CUDES ‘s aim is not only to offer an invaluable platform for social scientists to discuss current debates in social sciences but also to encourage interdisciplinary studies and exchanges between social scientists. The main focus of CUDES includes promoting an alternative platform for young researchers to share and exchange their experiences and results.